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The many faces of Kulttuurikasarmi

Lasipalatsikortteli, in the heart of Helsinki is now a unique meeting place for film lovers, food and drink aficionados, concert goers and attendees of other events.
Restaurant culture is represented by our restaurants Henry’s Distillery, Henry’s Music Bar, Café Kasarmi and the events space Kulttuurikasarmi Events. Besides these, the premises are also home to three luxurious BioRex cinema auditoriums three.

Helsingin ydinkeskustassa, Lasipalatsikortteliin on avattu ainutlaatuinen kohtaamispaikka elokuvien, ruoan, juoman, konserttien ja muiden tapahtumien ystäville.

Ravintolakulttuuria edustavat ravintolamme Henry’s Distillery, Henry’s Music Bar, Café Kasarmi ja tapahtumatila Events. Tunnelmallisen Café Kasarmin löydät Kulttuurikasarmin 1. kerroksen pohjoispäädystä. Ruokaravintola Henry's Distillery palvelee Cafén ja eteläpäädyn Henrys Music Barin välissä. Tapahtumatila Events sijaitsee rakennuksen toisessa kerroksessa.

Ravintoloiden lisäksi tiloista löytyy myös BioRexin kolmen ylellistä elokuvasalia.

We serve the Christmas lunch on the 2nd floor from 11th to 22nd December 2023. Check out the menu and book your table here.
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Kulttuurikasarmi Cafe

Café Kasarmi

The café’s cosy, international setting is designed for enjoying the small pleasures of everyday life and watching life pass by from morning to night. In addition to mouth-watering pastries, there is a range of salads, pastas, sandwiches and more made on the spot from choice ingredients. Crown the experience with a perfectly prepared coffee from our barista and pair your meal with a wine from our selection.

Henry's Distillery

People come to a restaurant to enjoy food, drink and good company both during the week and at weekends. We serve a wide selection of high-quality drinks, including cocktails made from the distillery’s own products and a wide range of microbrewery beers. The simple, straightforward menu offers well-
made, generous portions to enjoy either at the bar or in the vantage points in the glass pavilion. The glass pavilion exudes warmth on summer and winter evenings thanks to elegant, warm lighting and serves as a showcase for Kulttuurikasarmi.

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henry's distillery
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henry's music bar

Henry's Music Bar

Henry’s Music Bar offers adult city-dwellers a living room where they can relx from afterwork until the small hours. A quality drinks menu ensures customers are kept are kept entertained while the DJ plays the hottest hits from different decades and sometimes live artists perform on the stage. The second floor of the Music Bar also offers an excellent space for a private event, such as a birthday party, in the early evening.

In terms of interior, the bar continues the same line as the Distillery next door and at weekends, it becomes a cohesive venue for a variety of parties.

Kulttuurikasarmi Events

The central location and elegant setting of the event space create the perfect environment for organising various events, whether it is a customer event, a company Christmas party or a wedding.

In terms of catering, Kulttuurikasarmi Events is the hallmark of very high quality in terms both of food and drinks, offering a very diverse selection of options for guests, all catering is according to the customer's wishes tailored on site and prepared from choice ingredients.

Kulttuurikasarmi Events can seat 300 guests for an evening meal and can host a more informal cocktail
event for 450 people.

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Kulttuurikasarmi vuokraa tila
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